Frequently Asked Questions

 NI Parasol:
  • What does "NI" mean?

    "NI", in Spanish / French, means "neither / nor", something that does not look like either. As the name suggests, the NI Parasol is a multi-functional creation that can used for both day and night. In the day, it provides shade from the sun and rain. At night, the NI Parasol provides shelter from the rain as well as provide beautiful ambient light.

  • Is NI a LED product? Why can't we see the LED dots?

    NI 350 is made with 2424 pieces of LED inside. As we adopted PMMA material as the light cover, a certain amount of lighting is somehow "blocked" yet at the same time we can create the mood as if under the classic candle light, making it a unique LED piece.

  • Is the NI Parasol certified for outdoor use?

    The NI Parasol is specifically designed for outdoor use in rain or shine. Using an outdoor powder coated aluminum frame, the NI is hard wearing and can withstand harsh weather with minimal wear and tear. Its electric components have also been IP65 certified to be water resistant.

  • Will I enjoy a discount if I'm running a B2B business?

    We have a B2B business line. Please kindly contact our B2B services.

  • Can I maintain the NI Parasol by myself?

    Our high quality LED NI parasol has been designed to be durable, long lasting and easy to use. As we use LEDs, the lights will last for many years to come. If on the off chance that you do require maintenance, our parasol is easy to repair. Please refer to our repair video for more details.

  • Why are there two colors of the lighting

    The NI uses 2200K and 1800K for up-light and down-light respectively. Our idea is to deliver an eye-catching candle light at night time while at the same time ensuring a satisfying light effect in whatever color you picked for the fabric with the 2200K up-light.

  • Does NI have any safety issues?

    Since NI uses a 12V low-voltage LED driver, it does not produce any heat as normal incandescent lights do and is safe to touch.

  • Where is the NI Parasol made?

    Our mother company, Excellent Limited, has been in the furniture business for over 20 years and we have our own factory located in Guangdong, China. We welcome visitors to visit our showroom so do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Can I request customization?

    Some customization is possible such as fabric color with minimum MOQ and plenty of lead time. Please contact us directly for more information.